Review – Urban Decay Vice 2 Palette !






Hey Guys !

This week I’m bringing you a review of Urban Decay’s Vice 2 Palette. I got it for christmas and I have worn it basically every day since. This is my first Urban Decay product so I don’t have anything to compare it to quality wise, but hopefully that wont matter. So far I am really in love with this palette. It has so many colors, from neutrals, to purples, to blues and greens to silvers, greys and blacks. I’m gonna start with the first row and work my way down.





From left to right we have ; Smokeout, Lovesick, Shellshock, Coax and X-Rated. 

Smokeout is a really dark, almost black, brown. It has great opacity and is great for a smokey look or for darkening the crease. The texture of it is very soft  which makes it easy to blend. 

Lovesick is in all simplicity a matte black with silver glitters in it. The glitters are very fine, so it is not going to get chunky, but if you want the glitter to really show when you apply it, don’t tap off the excess on the brush, because you will loose some of that glitter.

Shellshock is something very special. I have never seen a silver more intense than this one. It is insanely pigmented and even more soft. It only took one swipe to make the swatch in the picture. you can pack it on with a flat brush and get amazing intensity or you can lightly dap into the shadow with a fluffy brush and apply it on top of another color for some light glitter which I have done sometimes and it looks amazing. It also works really well as an inner corner highlighter. 

Coax and X-Rated are pretty similar. They’re two pinks, one light and one darker. they both have a satin finish and have good pigmentation.




From left to right; Prank, Madness, Strike, Stash and Poison

Prank is a dark matte teal leaning more towards the green side with emerald shimmer running through it and the picture really doesn’t do it justice. 

Madness is a beautiful deep blue teal with really good pigmentation. It has a really soft texture and can be used for so many looks.

Strike is a pretty gold shade with the same soft texture like Madness and it has a satin finish. There is nothing unique about it, since gold is very common in palettes like this. 

Stash on the other hand is something that I haven’t had before. The texture is very similar to Strike and some of the others and is has nice payoff once applied. It is an old gold with a sort of green tint to it. It would be perfect for blending out the crease or darkening up the outer corner on top of a gold like Strike. You can also use it for a one shadow look and still have an interesting look that is different at the same time. 

Poison is a matte dark grey with silver flecks running through it. For a matte color it has a soft, almost velvet, finish to it. It would be lying to say that it is flaky in any way. 




From left to right; Radar, Damaged, Voodoo, Betrayal and Derailed.


The next row must be the most impressive of the bunch. These colors are all extremely pigmented and most of them very soft. It only took one swipe to make most of these swatches. 

Radar is a really pretty bronze with crazy opacity and great texture as well as a soft satin finish, only upstaged by Shellshock.

Damaged is a really really really pretty forest green. It has the same texture as Radar as well as the same great opacity. I cannot wait to do an extreme smokey eye with this one, it would look incredible. 

Voodoo is a very blue toned dark purple with silver flecks in it. It is really soft and blends out great. I recommend using it with Betrayal as they work so beautiful together. 

Betrayal is another really special color. it is a little more dense than the others, yet still so soft that it isn’t flaky. It is almost a duo chrome as it changes from a darker purple to a very light lilac depending on the angle. 

Derailed is another one of my favorites. It is a soft taupe that is really easy to use with almost any of the other colors because it is so neutral. It can also be used on its own because it has a satin finish, so it would still look great alone. 




From left to right; Dope, Toxic, Habit, Ambush and Rewind.

Dope is a very light pale pink. It’s great for just a wash of color on the lid or as a highlighter under the brow. It is soft, but not as soft as Radar etc. 

Toxic is a really pretty rose color that goes really well with neutral looks. as many of the others it is very soft with a satin finish and it blends beautifully.

Habit is one of those great transition colors. For a matte shadow I am really impressed. With lighter cream colors like this you rarely come across one as soft as this one. It’s a tad too dark for me to use as highlighter under the brow, but for darker skin tones than mine (which is basically milk) I think it would work well. 

Ambush is a pretty, dark, bronze and is very similar to Radar. the only difference being that Radar is slightly darker and has bronze glitters running through it were as, Ambush just has a satin finish. 

Rewind is another great blending color just like Habit. It is also just as soft which is quite impressive for a matte shadow. It is great for   darkening the crease and the outer corner. 


I really love this palette and in my opinion, Urban Decay really came up with some unique shades for this one. For one, Shellshock, the silver one, is truly amazing just by how soft and pigmented it is which is so rare for silvers like that. Others like Prank, Stash, Damaged and Betrayal are all colors that really tickles my fancy 😉 As mentioned earlier, this is my first go with Urban Decay products, but if this is the standard for their eyeshadows, then it is definitely not my last go with them. Be sure to check out my instagram (MrsBuchwald) for looks based on this palette. 

Please leave a comment if you liked it or have any requests for future posts. You can follow me on Instagram and Twitter, both are MrsBuchwald. 

I hope you enjoyed and I’ll talk to you soon !


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