Birthday Haul Pt. 2 !



Hey Guys !

This is the second and last installment in my series of birthday hauls. I have gotten so many great makeup related things for my birthday and I could not be more pleased. This is going to be quite a long haul, so I’m just going to let you get on with it.




The first thing I’m gonna show is this beautiful gift set from Baylis and Harding. It contains a body lotion, a bar of hand soap and a shower gel. I have only tried the body lotion and it is very nice. It moisturizes really well and does not leave you greasy or sticky, but I do have an issue with it, the scent. The scent of this set is called Black Orchid and I just don’t find it all that compelling. It’s not that it smells bad or anything, I’m just not crazy about it either. It has a sort of harsh sweet scent that some may really like, I juts like it when it is more fresh and light.



The next thing is this pair of half lashes that I am really excited about. I haven’t tried them yet though, because I am saving them for christmas and New Years. I have always had a problem with lashes, either they irritated my inner corner because they were to long or they got stuck on my real lashes because they are very naturally curvy. then I bought some individual lashes, thinking they would be easier to use, they were not! If anything requires practice, it’s individual lashes. So my theory is that these will be just right for me, if not, I will just be doomed to never were lashes again. Or maybe more practice… yeah more practice.




Next item on the list is this Color Sensational Lipstick from Maybelline in Feel Pink. I have several lipsticks from Maybelline already and I really like their colors and formula. As the rest of them, this lipstick is really nice end creamy and can be dapped on for a very subtle and sheer effect or you can apply a few coats for full opacity. It is a very neutral pink that would go well with several different looks. It has a satin finish and has fairly decent staying power. I don’t have anything bad to mention about this one. Tip: It goes really nice underneath my Rimmel Apocalips Lip Lacquer in 201 Solstice that was featured in my previous birthday haul.




These masques are really great. I have tried them some times before and they get the job done. I really think they do what they say on the packaging. I already used the one called Extra Olive – Ultra Deep Cleansing masque, and boy did it clean. it completely cleaned my blocked pores for one, but in order to clean so well it also removes some of you natural oils in the skin so it is very important to use a good moisturizer afterwards. Other than that, these are really great and I will definitely continue to use them. 




This one is one of my absolute favorites of these two birthday hauls. It’s a glitter polish from OPI called Pink Yet Lavender and it is just so stunning! I applied it a few days ago on top of Max Factor’s Candy Rose and I cannot stop looking ad my nails, it is just the perfect combination that I can not get enough of. I posted a picture of it on my Instagram (MrsBucwald) a few days ago so please be sure to check it out! I think this glitter polish would look great on almost every pink color, except for maybe a hot or neon pink, but otherwise you are good to go. It also looks great on top of a dark purple. Nothing bad about this product at all. It also has great lasting power, I’ve been wearing this for about 4 days now and it has not chipped the slightest yet. Definitely getting some more of the glitter polishes from OPI.





My second to last item is this nail stamping set from Depend. I was over the top excited when I found this down at my local Matas. I have been wanting a stamping set for aaaages now, but have never really gotten around to buying it. So when I found that they had it in an actual store and not just online, I couldn’t get my arms down. It contains a scraper, a stamper, two plates with different patterns and a black and white stamping polish. I did test it out on some old chipped nails just to try it, but nothing worth showing. I have a few looks in mind with it for Christmas and New Years so again, please keep an eye out for it on my Instagram (MrsBuchwald). 




My last and absolute favorites of these two hauls are my very first Mac products, these gorgeous 3 blushes from Mac. The first one, and my favorite of the 3, is a sheertone blush called Breath of Plum. It looks amazing and I use it pretty much every day. I can’t explain how much I love this blush, I just can’t get enough of it. The second one is a sheertone shimmer blush called Dollymix. I have seen tons of people on Youtube using this and I always thought that it looked so amazing that I decided that I wanted it for myself, so of course that was on the wish list this year as well. You could easily use this for everyday use as well, but because it has some shimmer in it, it could also be used for an evening look. The last one is simply a powder blush because it has full pigmentation and a matte finish and it is called Frankly Scarlet. This blush is very unique as it is a very dark red in the pan. At first it looks somewhat scary, but the trick with this one is to apply it as lightly handed and sheer as possible. It can be a bit tricky at first, but once get it on just right, it gives you the most beautiful natural flush to your cheeks. My theory for why is that because it has such red undertones instead of pink, it gives the resemblance of a flush more true to naturally flushed cheeks from a cold wind or a crush. Either way I am in complete love with these blushes and hope to get more of them in the future. They last pretty long on your cheeks, but can easily be refreshed with very little effort.


This was it for my Birthday Haul and don’t forget to subscribe and/or like if you liked it. Please leave a comment as well sharing your thoughts on this blog or if you have any requests for future looks or reviews.

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Hope you enjoyed and I’ll talk to you soon !



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