Birthday Haul Pt. 1 !

Hey Guys !

Todays blog is a really exciting one for me. First, because it is my birthday today and because I now bring you the first of my two birthday Hauls. On Saturday 9th of November, I celebrated my birthday for my side of the family where I got a gift certificate for 72$ (400DDK) for a store here in Denmark called Matas which is pretty much like Boots, and 90$ (500DDK) in cash, so I had some good money to spend on makeup. I did spend some of it on some much needed new underwear that will not be featured in this blog, but most of it was spend on makeup 😉

I’ll start with the things that I bought in Matas.


Dark : 304 Eclipse Light: 201 Solstice

The first two peaces that I picked up were these two Apocalips Lip Lacquers from Rimmel London and I really don’t think the pictures do them any justice. They are both slightly darker than in the picture. The darker of the two is a really dark, red, vampy color that I absolutely love and have been wanting for quite some time now, while the lighter one is more of a neutral rosy color that is great for natural looks.

As per ususal, these Apocalips have incredible pigmentation and they glide on like a dream. Staying power is somewhat okay, but not fantastic since, in theory, they are actually lipglosses. They can leave somewhat of a stain when they wear of, especially the darker colors like this one, but the lighter ones do not. Either way I really love them because of their pigmentation and of course, like lipstick, they will last longer when put on top of a lipliner. I am sorry that I don’t have any pictures wearing them, but I have got quite the colesore at the moment so any lipproducts besides lipbalm are out of the question at the moment.


Purple: Endless Purple Gold: Eternal Gold

The next two products that I got were two Maybelline Color Tattoo 24 hr in gold and in purple. I already own the one in Permanent Taupe which I really love, so I was really excited for these two when I first got them. I have to admit that my expectations may have been a tad high when regarding these two colors. They are both quite patchy when applied, so you have to put on somewhat of a thick layer to get full opacity, but when you do they are really gorgeous. Especially the gold one is really pretty to look at because of the flickers of gold that are in it. The glitter can drop down though as you apply an eyeshadow on top. The purple one has more of a satin finish and does not create fall out when eyeshadow is applied. Other than that I really like the colors and think they are going to be great for the holidays.



My next product is a nailpolish from Max Faxtor called Candy Rose. Again, in real life, the color is a tad darker than in the picture and very much resembles the lighter color of the two Lip Lacquers. I really love that the color is quite neutral, but still has some color to it without being too obvious. I haven’t had a chance to try this one yet, which I am really excited to do, but I do have other polishes from Max Faxtor and the quality is usually quite good. Be sure to check out my instagram as I will upload pictures on there once I get to try it out.


My last product from Matas is the Wake Me Up concealer from Rimmel London in 010 Ivory. This was more of a necessity as I already owned the product, but had simply run out and therefore needed to purchase a new one. I really love this concealer because of its lightness and the fact that it doesn’t look caky. The cover is more on the light side and it doesn’t cover my dark under eyes completely, more like a 95%. But aside from that it is a really good concealer that I bought on the recommendations of Tanya Burr, an amazingly talented and really sweet makeup guru on Youtube.

The other products that I got are from a department store in Denmark called Bilka. The rest is all Wet ‘n’ Wild, except for the Garnier makeup remover, non of these are available in Matas.


This makeup remover is definitely also one of my favorites and I use it on a daily basis. It just removes any makeup like a dream and does not sting or burn if some of it were to come inside the eye. This one I bought on the recommendations of Sharon Farrell, also an amazingly talented Makeup artist/Guru on Youtube who just has the funniest and down to earth personality of all the Gurus out there. I just really love her and the makeup remover.



The first Wet ‘n’ Wild product is this eyeshadow palette, Desert Festival, from the Fergie line that came out a while back. I really loved the colors from this palette because they were something that I really didn’t have before and I like to branch out when it comes to my eyeshadows. When swatching them at the store, they all felt really soft and velvety, but when you put a flat brush on them to pick up color, they feel more drythan on your fingers. The pigmentation is still good though, except for the two colors to the left who are just a tad more sheer than the other. I am looking forward to some great makeup looks with this palette.



Next products is this really beautiful shimmery burgundy/ember color, called Under Your Spell, that I think will be PERFECT for fall. As with the Max Faxtor one, I have yet to have tried it, but look out for it on my instagram within the next few days when I plan to try it out. I do gave other Wet ‘n’ Wild polishes and they are fairly decent. The ones I already have are hard to apply in thin layers because they can go on quite patchy, but it could also be that because they are to light shades of pink, they don’t have the same opacity that a darker color would have. I’ll have to see how this one works when I try it out.



My last product is this light creamy eyeshadow called Brulee. This is my absolute favorite under brow highlighter. This color is also part of one of Wet ‘n’ Wild’s older palettes, but I don’t know the name of it since it has been worn of the packaging. I was really happy when I found that they had this color as single eyeshadow, because I had almost used up the one in the palette and had no idea what to substitute it with. So for now, I don’t have to worry about that. Because of the white background it may seem a bit dark, but it really is just a creamy matte color, a few shades lighter than my own skin.

That was it for now. I hope you enjoyed and be sure to tune in, in two weeks, when part Pt. 2 will be posted. This will include some Mac products, just to name a few. Also make sure to tune in next week if you want to know how I got this look:


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Thanks for watching and I’ll talk to you soon !


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