Fall Look to Make Blue Eyes Pop !


Hey Guys !


This week I’m going to be sharing a fall look with you, I guess it was overdue since we are well into fall by now. This season is a real favorite of mine. It is a time for relaxing on the couch with a blanket and some tea and enjoying the beautiful fall colors that we all know and love. some of those colors, i have incorporated into at warm fall look that’ll really make those blue eyes pop and I’m going to explain to you how I did it.

But first, products used are:


– Nivea Express Hydration primer 

– Maybelline Dream Smooth Primer

– Rimmel Wake Me Up Concealer in Ivory

– Bourjois Delice de Poudre Bronzer

– MaxFactor blush in 225 Mulberry 

– Rimmel Stay Matte powder in 001 Transparent


– elf Eyebrow Kit in Ash

– Finding color eyeshadow palette E15 – dark brownish grey


– elf Eye Primer

– Wet n Wild Eyeshadow Palette in Comfort zone 

– Wet n Wild Single Eyeshadow in Brulee

– Max Factor Kohl Pencil in 020 Black

– Rimmel Scandal Eyes Lycra Flex Mascara

– Rimmel Glam Eyes Day to Night mascara


– The Body Shop Lip Butter in Sweet Lemon

– Maybelline Lipstick in 148 Summer Pink

– Coolcoz Lipgloss in Clear


Image      Image


I am not going to explain how I did my base and my brows since that is featured in my “classic smokey eye” post and is pretty much the same every time. This will spare me a lot of time writing the same thing over and over again, and you a lot of reading, so on to the eyes.

Image   Image     

On my eyes, I first applied my elf eye primer so the eyeshadow does not grease, we don’t want that. First i put the lightest golden color on my lit, after that I use a slightly darker golden brown in my crease. I blend it out to be very soft, I don’t want a cut crease, just some definition in the socket. After this I use the second to darkest golden brown on the outer third of my eye, blending it slightly into the crease and blending it upwards at the outer corner to create some more definition as well as lifting the eyes. Before doing my under eyes, I first tightline my eyes with a black Kohl pencil to make the look a tad more smouldering. Then I mimic the bottom eye  to the top, putting the slightly darker brown I used on my entire bottom eye and then the darkest at the outer corner. To make the whole thing look a lot more smooth, I put Brulee from Wet n Wild under my brow as a highlight and use it to blend the top edges of the eyeshadow, making sure there are no hard edges. To finish my eyes, I apply mascara to both my top and bottom lashes. 

Image      Image

After this I finish my face by applying the Bourjois bronzer as a contour, on the top of my forehead and under my chin, to create some much needed depth. I then apply the Max Factor blush  to the apples of my cheeks as well as slightly up my cheeks towards my temples and then finish of my face with my Rimmel powder. 

To finish the entire look I do my lips. Previous to doing the makeup I applied some lip balm to make sure that my lips were nice  and soft when I came around to doing those. I then dap some of the lipstick on my lips, just to get more of a pink stain rather than full on opacity. I top this of with a clear gloss from Coolcoz and voila, the look is finished. 

And for all the four-eyes like me out there, here is the look with glasses on 😉 

Image     Image

Thanks for joining in for this weeks blog. For those of you who haven’t seen, I’ve changed the blog date to every monday. I just found that I always had something to do on Sundays (sadly enough) that kept me from doing the blog thenn . 

Again, thanks for checking out my blog and please leave a comment if you like it or have any requests for future looks, it would mean the world to me. Don’t forget to follow me on Twitter and Instagram, both are MrsBuchwald, and subscribe to my blog below to be kept updated on new blogs.

Hope you enjoyed and I’ll talk to you soon !


One thought on “Fall Look to Make Blue Eyes Pop !

  1. Hi. You’ve mentioned that you have a boyfriend and i would just love if you did the “boyfriend make up” thing. I’ve seen couples do it on youtube and it looks really fun!

    Love ur blog!

    Lots of love from me


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