Bride of Frankenstein – My Halloween Costume 2013



Hey Guys!


This is a post that I have been looking really forward to sharing with you. As the title mentions, I was the bride of Frankenstein to this years halloween party two days ago and this was definitely a labour of love. I will go through with you how I got this entire look in rough details, but before I do that, let me first apologize for first of all the time of the post. It was suppose to go up yesterday, but saturday evening I could feel it creeping up on me and sunday morning it was fully blown out. It is just a regular cold so nothing serious, but non the less I was more dead than alive yesterday, thankfully I feel much better today. Second of all, the quality of the pictures are not to my own best liking (Why do the pictures always cause me trouble?), but I was in a real rush when getting out the door (got there half an hour late ! ) and therefore had to take the pictures at the party, besides that, I depend on natural lighting to get the best pictures and this was at night so you can see my dilemma. But without further ado and apologies, here is how I got the look 🙂 


Image  Image


The Dress: 

The dress was actually really easy to make, which is partly why I chose this costume. I hate paying a fortune for something that you are just gonna use one night. I just took two old singular sheets, sew them together at the top and the sides and then made holes for the head and the arms. I also sew in some shoulder pads to make the shoulders more square like in the movie, except in the movie she has some serious padding around the shoulders that I did not know how to duplicate, so this made do just fine. In the original movie from 1931, which this costume is based on, the arms were completely covered in gaze which I tried with all my might to do myself, but it was simply too difficult ! Every time I tried, they would just slip down my arms, no matter how tightly I wound it. All that would stay put was around my hands and just above my wrists and even that had some trouble staying put. But it is what it is and I still feel that the look was well done. Underneath I was simply wearing a top, a pair of leggings and some socks, trying to dress as lightly underneath knowing that it would be warm at the party. 




The Hair:

The hair was a lot more tricky, but I was really pleased with the results non the less. I bought a standard black wig without bangs at a toy store here in Denmark called Fætter BR, which is basiccaly like Toys ‘R’ Us. The only problem with the wig was that it was just strips of hair, like extensions, put on a cap, meaning that when I pulled up the hair in the back you could see the cap. this made doing the hair a bit experimental, but I made it work. I did the hair based on a Tutorial by a beauty guru on YouTube called Alchemy Makeup Artistry. The video is called “Halloween: bride of Frankenstein – hair” and was exactly what I was looking for. As she did, I took a small section of hair and put and elastic on it. onto that, I put two hair donuts to make the hair stand tall. I then started taking sections from the sides and the front pinning them into the hair donuts leaving the ends hang down the back of the donut, remembering to put aside a section on each side of the head for the white wave. Since the cap was visible from the back, I had planned to tuck the ends of the hair under the cap in the back, but seeing how it looked with the ends hanging lose, I decided to leave it there. I really liked the style of the updo, and the ends of the hair was covering the cap just nicely as it was. I then finally painted the sections of hair that I took aside on each side with white face paint. The reason for this was that there was no white hairspray in the entire city to find and it was too late to order it online. The face paint in the hair, and the makeup, is a little worn which is why it is not completely clear in the pictures. last but not least I colored my blond sideburns with a black eyeshadow to blend them in with the wig. 

Image Image



The Makeup:

As mentioned before, the pictures were taken a while into the party so the makeup is not looking to fresh, but I’ll tell what I did. To powder my face, instead of using a regular facepowder, I used a white eyeshadow to try and make my face paler. On my eyebrows I blocked out the outer part with some glue that i then set with concealer and powder in a few layers. I then brought the brow straight up without making an arch just as she has in the movies. I did it with a black eyeshadow to match the wig. After that I applied some heavy contouring with a medium grey and a black eyeshadow, I was definitely not springing for a natural look, followed by the slightest touch of blush. Then I applied a dark bluetoned red, making it slimmer at the outer edges of my mouth making the middle more pouty. For the eyes i applied a black base and put on some grey and black eyeshadow to make a basic smokey eye, blending it out with a warm beige and finishing with some mascara. To finish of I added the scars under the jaw, on both sides, with a black khol pencil. 


And that, my friends, is how it was done, I hope you enjoyed this walkthrough of how I did it. Personally I really love how it looked and it was so much fun to go as such an iconic classic. My Boyfriend, of course, was the monster of Frankenstein, so it was also fun to do this as a couples thing.

Remember, you can follow me on Instagram and Twitter and those are both MrsBuchwald and please leave a comment if you have any requests for future looks or simply let me know wether you liked it or not.

Talk to you soon !



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